Buy With Bitoins Balkan Aquatest (Test-Suspension) ONLINE


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Buy With Bitoins Balkan Aquatest (Test-Suspension) ONLINE

Testosterone Suspension does not have an ester attached, making it a “pure” version of the parent hormone, Testosterone. Therefore, there is no ester to be accounted for in the weight. This means 100 mg of testosterone suspensioncontains 100 mg of the steroid. This makes it the most potent forms of Testosterone available. Gains come quicker and side effects much more possible with such a strong version of this hormone. Because testosterone suspension does not need to break down an attached ester (like other esterified versions) the hormone is effective immediately when administered. The users testosterone levels will be raised for only 2-3 days (at most) after injection and the steroid should be administered daily. This testosterone is dissolved in water typically, not oil like most of the other esterified versions making it more readily available in the body.

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Balkan Aquatest (Test-Suspension)



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