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Dormicum is a prescription medication that designed to help people who suffer from sleeping problems, mainly insomnia. The medication acts very quickly in the system and it’s a hypnotic with a fairly short biological half-life. When used right the drug is effectively able to prolong sleep without getting in the way of REM sleep. As a result the drug is able to effectively improve the efficiency of your sleep.

Understand that the purpose of this drug is to improve the efficiency of sleep, not to really keep you asleep longer. Efficiency in this case meaning the quality of sleep you get so that you’re actually refreshed and have renewed energy the next day. Here are a few of the sleeping problems Dormicum is able to counteract:

Frequently waking up during the next. For most people who suffer from some form of sleeping problem, getting up during the night is the toughest issue. The reason for this is because it’s so hard to get back to sleep. So the main goal for such people is to stay asleep as long as they need to in order to minimize this. This is something Dormicum can help with.

Not being able to fall completely asleep. This is an issue where you might be able to nod off for short periods of time, but you can never seem to fall completely asleep. In this case the quality of sleep you get is going to be effected. You’ll be groggy throughout the day and drowsy. Because of this your ability to be effective at work/school will suffer.

Getting back to sleep. If you do wake up during the night, then it would still be a big help if you were able to fall back to sleep without lying awake in bed too long. This is something Dormicum is designed to help with as well. It doesn’t take much, because seeing as how your sleep efficiency will be improved you won’t be waking up during the night too much at all.

What are some of the potential side affects you might be at risk of as a result of using Dormicum?

Daytime drowsiness
Reduced alertness
Muscle weakness
Dizziness and ataxia
Allergic reaction
Anterograde amnesia

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